How to connect an InteractiveBrokers account to

Step 1

Login to user portal

Step 2

Go to Settings > User Settings from the left menu

Step 3

Select "Configure" under "Reserch Subscriptions"

Step 4

Find "Capitalise" (Ctrl + F and "Capitalise") and click on it

Step 5

Tick the box "Fee waived" and click continue

Step 6

Confirm subscription

Step 7

Set up the Capitalise Password by clicking Configure under "Third Party Research Logins"

Step 8

This will open a screen where you can set your password for your Capitalise Account

Once you have created your account, kindly wait one working day for the creation of the account to become effective. As soon as the account is created you will receive an email and will be able to start automating your trades with

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