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Amplifying brokerage firm's performance_

Amplifying brokerage firm's performance, For the first time traders with zero technical skills can automate their trading using free-style text.

Attract new Clients

You can now offer a unique, yet natural way for automated trading

Increase Client's retention

Let users automate their trading strategies and run them consistently over time, hassle free

Optimize Marketing Campaigns

Leverage our smart insight reports to analyze user's trading behaviors and usage patterns

empower Your Clients

Let users achieve more in less time by automating their trading strategies

Free Via Our Partner Brokers & Exchanges

trading automation platform

A seamless automated trading experience for traders with zero technical skills, utilizing AI, machine learning, and Natural Language Processing technology – turning simple English text entered by traders into complex algorithmic trading strategies.

Research & analysis

Help your traders make informed trading decisions based on aggregated data sources, backtesting, and simulation capabilities.

Smart Notifications

Keep your traders engaged anytime, anywhere, with actionable, smart notifications on scenarios of their choice so that they can edit, stop, or create new trading strategies on the go.

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