Automated trading platform_

Using, brokers can enable a seamless, code-free automated trading experience to all traders, even those who are non-technical.

You can now offer your customers a unique, automatic, and intuitive way to create and run their trading strategies, using free-style text.

Seamless automated execution

With, your traders can execute their trading plans automatically, leading to increased customer engagement and a boost in new customer acquisition rates.

Advanced trading conditions

Enable your traders to easily automate any scenario, based on:

  • Macroeconomic news events
  • Specific time-frames
  • A variety of tech indicators

Optimized buying power

Your traders can now seize every opportunity with an optimized buying power. Traders can open as many strategies as they want while only those triggered unlock their allocated funds, de-facto increasing their buying power.

loop strategies for continuous trading

Traders can choose to run strategies in a loop, trading continuously, over time, increasing their engagement and trading capacity.

why automated trading?

Provide Enhanced Trading Experiences​

A seamless, automated trading experience​

Increase trading volumes

Empowering traders to achieve more by automating their trading strategies

Offer a cutting edge trading experience

Powered by AI & NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology

Attract new traders

Offer new possibilities to the non-technical trader

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