A game-changing
trading automation platform

Our trading automation platform helps brokers increase customer engagement and boost new customer acquisition rates.

Using Capitalise, brokers can now offer seamless automated trading, currently available mostly to highly technical traders, to all types of traders.

Even traders with zero technical skills can now automate their trading by simply using free-style text to create their trading strategies.

Feature-rich 360° trading automation system

Buying Power

Traders can open as many strategies as they want while only those that are triggered unlock their allocated funds, de-facto increasing their buying power.

Looping Strategies

Traders can choose to run strategies in a loop, so they can trade continuously over time, automatically, increasing their engagement and trading capacity.

Live Strategies Library

Traders can explore and use a library of endless automated trading strategies that are already running, live. This serves as a great learning, inspiration and onboarding tool.

Smart Notifications

Traders stay engaged and in the know with our smart notifications, triggered by scenarios of their choice.

Aggregated Data

Traders need information to make smart decisions. That’s why we’ve added numerous data sources – so your traders can make informed, strategic decisions to trade by.

Simulation Mode

To enhance confidence level, traders can run simulations on their strategies, risk-free, using real-time data.

Why Capitalise?

  • Feature-rich 360° trading automation system
  • Fully customized to your brand
  • Natural language processing system
  • Effortless implementation
  • Professional customer support
  • fully functional mobile apps

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