Research & Analysis_

Traders need information to make smart decisions. We make sure they have access to numerous data sources to make informed, strategic decisions to trade by.

Let your traders quickly analyze with backtest and simulated trading strategies using freestyle text to improve their performance and make informed trading decisions.

Backtest analysis illustration

powerful Backtesting tool

With, traders can see how their strategy would have performed over the past three months through aggregated historical data sources. Based on this information, they can refine their trading strategy, easily editing and optimizing it with a click of a button.

Real-time trading simulator

To enhance confidence level, traders can run their strategies in simulation mode, risk-free, using real-time data.

Live strategies library

With our live strategies library, traders can explore endless trading examples, including their performance statistics. They can then select their favorite strategy to use as a template and go live with a click of a button. This serves as a great learning, inspiration, and onboarding tool.

Performance Statistics

Traders can gain insights, looking at rich and comprehensive statistics of every trade. With, traders can quickly analyze results and their strategy’s overall performance via our user-friendly dashboard.

why research & analysis

empower your traders

Boost their trading capacity by providing them value-packed trading tools

increase traders' confidence

Enable them to optimize their strategies through research analytics

Increase Traders' retention​

Permit more educated trading decisions and improved performance

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