Code-free trading automation_

Easily create, test & automate Trading scenarios using everyday english


Code-free Trading Automation

Leave emotional trading out of the game with 24/7 market monitoring. Never miss another trading opportunity & always get out at the right time.

Backtesting code free with

Trading strategy simulation


Research & Analysis

Quickly analyze with backtest and simulated trading strategies using freestyle text to improve their performance and make informed trading decisions.


Smart Notifications

Create scenarios that fire real-time notifications to your mobile device to always stay informed. monitors market data, technical indicators & macroeconomics 24/7 so you don’t have to.


Strategies Library

Struggling to find ideas? don't worry, we've got you covered with a vast variety of live strategy examples to get you started smoothly & in no time.


advanced trading Automation features

From managing your daily trades to building complex automated systems,
With you can automate your own trading with zero code.

TradingView Alerts

Use any line or tech indicator available on TradingView to trigger your automated trading strategies.

Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA)

increase your trade size on scheduled time intervals in order to limit the exposure to volatility fluctuations or spread out one larger investment into smaller investments.

Trade At A Specific Timing

Time your entry & exit in a way that only if a certain event happens at a certain time your orders will be triggered.

Trailing Take Profit

Set your Trailing-Stop to trigger only after a certain profit was reached, so you can lock your profits while guarding your position.


What traders think about us

Review On Trustpilot
Read More is a powerful tool for traders and investors and allows to automate the trading based on a pre-defined trading strategy. Best part is that I don't need any technical knowledge to create strategies.
Reynaldo Villafuerte
Reynaldo Villafuerte
Review On Trustpilot
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I have been trading for around 11 years and I can say with confidence that is very likely to be a game changer in my career. With, I could automate very easily strategies I have been doing manually for months and years with incredible precision.
Review On Trustpilot
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Truly an amazing platform! No others like it! Any traders or investors looking to automate their trading without needing any complex coding or multiple software integration this is your first and only choice
Pieter Marchant
Pieter Marchant
Review On Trustpilot
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Full kudos to the program designers. It is particularly useful to those, such as I, living in Australia and allows safe trading to extend into Euro and USA timezones without needing to stay up all night 🙂 I have not found anything like Capitalise elsewhere.
M-D Phms
M-D Phms
Review On Trustpilot
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This app allows you to set your trading strategy on autopilot. Whenever the conditions are met, the trades are triggered on your linked-brokerage account. Supper easy to use. NO coding knowledge required. strongly recommended!!

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Bear in mind that all of the examples you see on this website are just that — examples. Really, they're just here to show you how our platform works. So, don't take them as advice, instruction, or guidance. The examples presented on this website, are only to be regarded as a technical demonstration when used with the trading system. Accordingly, these examples should not be in any way construed as recommending any type of trading strategy and they do not constitute any form of advice as the advisability of investing by the use of any trading strategy. Any Investor who uses the trading strategy must build a trading strategy on the basis of independent testing and according to his / her specific requirements and needs.

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