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CFI third party agreement_

The following Third-Party Terms are an additional set of terms that complement our existing Terms and Conditions and other legal documents that regulate our relationship with you, collectively referred to as the "Agreements." By acknowledging that you have read, comprehended, and accepted the Agreements and Third-Party Terms, you confirm your agreement to abide by them.

In the event of any conflicts or inconsistencies between our Agreements and these Third-Party Terms, the provisions outlined in these Third-Party Terms shall take precedence.

Throughout these Terms, "CFI" shall refer to all regulated entities, affiliated companies, and related entities under CFI Financial Group Holding Ltd.

1- You can log in to your MetaTrader 5 Account with CFI via (Capitalise) to use the content, features, tools, and services on Capitalise's platform to trade on your MetaTrader Account (Capitalise Tools). If you use Capitalise Tools to trade, your trades are executed on the applicable MetaTrader 5 platform ("MetaTrader Platform").

2- You understand and agree to the following:

a. You will perform your own practice to test the functionality of thus ai powered tool b. You will connect your CFI Account to your Capitalise account and grant Capitalise access to:

i. View your balance and account activities.

ii. Process your orders and trades.

iii. Access market data.

c. You authorize CFI to act upon instructions provided via the Capitalise Tools, and you understand that CFI assumes no liability for following such instructions.

d. Capitalise is a third-party provider, and as such, we do not control, endorse, or guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the Capitalise Tools. CFI makes no express or implied warranty or representation regarding the Capitalise Tools or services.

e. You acknowledge that automated trading carries a high risk and may result in significant financial losses. CFI has no control over the Capitalise Tools and is not responsible or liable for your use of them.

f. The prices displayed through the Capitalise Tools are indicative and do not necessarily reflect the actual execution prices. All trades are executed on the applicable MetaTrader Platform. It is possible that your orders may be executed at a different price than the one displayed within the Capitalise Tools. For primary position management, you should utilize the appropriate MetaTrader Platform.

g. CFI is not responsible or liable for any losses you may incur from using or accessing the Capitalise Tools or for any inaccuracies or incompleteness of data or information provided by Capitalise.

h. You agree to indemnify CFI without any revocation against any losses, damages, or expenses incurred by CFI arising from your use of the Capitalise Tools. This indemnity remains effective regardless of the circumstances leading to the loss, damage, or expense.

i. Capitalise is a third-party provider, and there are additional terms that apply to your use of the Capitalise Tools. You are fully responsible for understanding and complying with all applicable third-party terms.

j. If you have questions about the Capitalise Tools, you should contact Capitalise at [email protected]. If you have questions about your CFI Account, trades, or other CFI-related matters, you should contact us at [email protected].

k. You understand that the provision of these tools by CFI is optional, and you are not obligated to utilize them. However, once you decide to use these tools, you absolve CFI of any responsibility and acknowledge that CFI is not liable for any damages or errors in market prices resulting from the use of these tools.

l. You confirm that any scalping is strictly forbidden, whether triggered by price slippage, freezing in our internal online systems, hunting wrong prices, misprinting tickets from third parties acting as liquidity providers, news traders, or others. Consequently, CFI has the full right to reverse the transactions executed, cancel, or withdraw any profits resulting without the need to inform or obtain the approval of the Client, and the Client will be fully responsible for any loss resulting thereof.

3- Any capitalized terms used in this context, but not explicitly defined, will carry the meanings as defined in the Agreements.

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