Plan like a human_
trade like a machine.

Power up your trading with the next generation of customized automation

From managing your daily trades to building complex automated systems - with you can automate your own trading with zero coding

Plan your trade & trade your plan

Create any trading strategy using everyday English. uses a powerful technology that automates the strategy you define.
Advanced conditional tech indicators

Enter & exit positions automatically using a variety of tech indicators based conditions

Cut your losses, maximize your profits

Manage your risk by setting your position exit in advance

Build signals

Seize every potential trading opportunity

Trade the news

Beat the market with previous, actual & forecast news indicators

Time based conditions

Save time - let monitor the markets for the right moment to act

Loop your strategy

Build your own trading model that enters & exits your position systematically based on your conditions

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Quickly, Precisely and free from emotional influence

Let execute your plan monitors real-time market data, Technical indicators, And macroeconomics 24/7 so you don’t have to.

Seize every opportunity with optimized buying power

Open as many strategies as you want — Only strategies that are triggered will use your buying power.


Make informed strategic decisions based on aggregated data sources


Use historical data to see exactly how your strategy would have performed.

Coming soon


Test your strategies risk free using real-time data.

Performance Statistics

Gain insights from rich & comprehensive statistics of every trade.

Respond Faster

Edit your strategies according to their performance with a click of a button.


Stay in control - Anytime, anywhere

Get notified on your trades in real-time on your mobile device or email

Use the app to manage your trades on the go; Edit, stop or automate new trading strategies, all from your iPhone or Android.


rich Live strategies library, just pick one

Browse our endless library of live automated trading strategies

View live performance statistics of different strategies and select your favorite with a click of a button.

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